Mommy Tips

We’re starting a new section in CK Child that will be dedicated to Moms sharing fabulous tips with other Moms in our community! These tips could include general parenting tips, places to bring your kids that others might not know about, local businesses that offer unique or hard to find items and virtually any advice you want to share!

Take Little Ones Out of Day Care for the Summer

Take your kids out of home daycare for the summer & hire a summer babysitter – like a friend’s daughter who is old enough, very responsible and has safety training. It will save you a TON of money so you can afford a few extra hours to get more done and it’s been fun for them to be home!

Teach Them the Value of a Dollar

Think about getting your kids a piggy bank. It seems very simple, but letting your kids save up their pocket money and other ‘income’ (ie an allowance for helping out around the house) and see it grow from week to week can teach them valuable lessons about saving up for more expensive items like new clothes (especially for little girl’s – if they are anything like my daughter!) or the latest toy, rather than spending it all in one go.

Toddler Get a Hold of a Pen?? Try this Trick!

Ink stains can be hard to get out spray hair spray on the affected are and scrub gently with a tooth brush rinse and repeat until stain fades than add a touch of stain remover to the affected area and wash as normal.

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