Spring has Sprung!

Finally after a long cold winter it is time to open the windows, throw on our jackets and rain boots and get outside.

My kids and I love taking a drive to the park. The kids love playing on the equipment and fortunately there are quite a few wooded areas around a few of our parks in Chatham. So after playing on the equipment, we change the scene with a walk in the woods. There are some beautiful trails. We will often add adventure to our walks by looking for bugs, different leaves, listening to and distinguishing the many different sounds we hear, climbing some small trees and maybe even making a trail of our own!

If I do not have time to take the kids out because of spring cleaning needing to be done, etc. it doesn’t mean the kids can’t get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather. Even if the sun is not shining send them out! The rain may be even more fun. There is nothing better than a rainy day when you are a kid. Throw on some rain boots, grab an umbrella just to go outside and get muddy and wet splashing in the puddles (make sure they are wearing some older clothes because who knows what they are going to look like when they return).

Another one of our favorite activities is getting those bikes

out of the shed, filling the tires with air and taking a ride around town. A lot of the times we will ride along the river stopping to feed the squirrels and watch the river flow carrying trees and other debry – or if we are really lucky catch a glimpse of some wild life enjoying the spring weather as well.

There is nothing better than getting outside and smelling the fresh air again after being cooped up in the house all winter!

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