CK Business Spotlight: The Paper Pickle

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Our choice for this issue’s ‘Spotlight’ business is Kim Hinnegan at the Paper Pickle! Kim started the business with her sister Kelly in 2003 and together they have built a successful craft store that is loved by so many in our community! Recently Kim has taken over with running the store herself and has joined forces with another one of her sisters, Jen Aitken to offer fabulous & scrumptious cupcakes for her childrens’ birthday crafting

parties! Mmmmmm!

I’m not sure about you, but do you find time moving at a much quicker speed these days? It seemed like just yesterday that my daughter, Julia was born. And now here I am, planning her sixth birthday! Honestly, where has the time gone? I could ponder this question for days but let’s get serious here. Time is wasting and there is a party to plan. But what am I going to do for her birthday this year?

How about a Crafting Party?

I know many of you ask yourself that very question each year. So this is where The Paper Pickle Company comes in. We are a dill-ightfully different paper craft store located in the heart of downtown Chatham. We love to create beautiful projects using stamps, ink, ribbons, gorgeous papers and let’s not forget the glitter! The Paper Pickle has been in business for eight years so we have designed a project or two. We have always held classes at the store but these have been mainly for existing customers. One day we thought, wouldn’t it be great to have birthday parties here for children here? My ideas could be a little selfish but hey, my kid loves it and I know many others do too!

Let Us Take Care of the Details

A stamping or scrapbooking themed party will be designed specifically around the interests of your child. For example, if you little girl absolutely loves animals, we will make sure to include these in the class. She can also pick out the paper she would like us to use. Party sizes range from 6-12 children and are held at the store mainly on Saturdays but we can work with you to set the date and time that works best for you. Costs range from $12-20 per child depending on how elaborate the class.

Bring in the Cupcakes

You are able to bring in your own food and drink during the two hour party. But if you don’t have the time to bake, let us take care of that for you too! We are now offering cupcakes from a fabulous up and coming baker, Jen Aitken. Her creations are not only delicious but beautiful. Have a look at her sweet works of art. Order these cupcakes in dozens ($18) to match the colours or themes we are using on our paper projects.

Now wasnt that easy?

Stop by today to see what The Paper Pickle has to offer. Our parties are sure to provide your child and their friends a little inspiration, a lot of fun and provide you with a hassle-free party that is sure to be a hit!

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