Unviel Your Child’s Musical Potential

When I was a child, a well-meaning relative told my parents that I was tone deaf.

In retrospect, that’s a funny story—not only am I not tone-deaf, I am a career musician after two decades of intense and ongoing study.

Here’s my point: right now, your child has unlimited, untapped musical potential.

Hard to believe? It’s true! They may sing out-of-tune, they might not be able to keep a beat, but trust me—they have musical greatness in them, and if they’re inclined to explore it, you’ll need to help them along.

The next step is determining how to find music lessons for your child that will foster genuine development of their musical abilities. How far your child will go and how much your child will achieve is directly related to the quality of the training you find for him or her.

I can tell you now that not all the options you have before you are going to be beneficial or particularly educational, but all is not lost – there are some truly gifted music educators in Chatham-Kent.

So what should you be thinking about when you start looking for music lessons? Here are four points to always keep in mind:
Qualifications and Experience do mean something
While it’s not the only factor, the qualifications and experience of your potential instructor are often a good indication of their level of knowledge and ability as a music educator. Do they continue to study to improve their craft? Are they familiar with current trends in music education? Have they achieved some measurable level of training in their own right? Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

I Love a Piano
I know technology is great, but I’m a purist. In my opinion, it’s almost impossible to have a high-quality music lesson without the use of musical instruments—CDs are great, but they are no substitute for live musical accompaniment. Get your child involved and interested in how live music is created – they’ll be fascinated.

Variety is the Spice of Life
Look for lessons that will expose your child to new things: new cultures, new instruments, new languages—the more variety they have, the better. Should your child get to sing or play pop music? Absolutely! But that shouldn’t be all your child does!

Money isn’t everything
Don’t just immediately go to the most expensive thing and assume that you’re getting the best. Talk to the instructor and use your instincts. While private lessons can get pricy, a high quality choral program or youth orchestra is an amazing way to introduce your child to lessons without breaking the bank.

I know, it’s a lot to think about, but here’s the great thing: you can get all these things right here in Chatham-Kent! I grew up in C-K, and I was fortunate enough to have been a part of an amazing children’s choir. My director, the late Janet Wake, was an inspiration to me, and is a major part of the reason I decided to become a musician. It’s with her in mind that I begin the inaugural season of the Chatham-Kent Children’s Chorus.

Chatham-Kent has a remarkable tradition of musical excellence. I received top-notch training here, and it’s my pleasure to now offer everything that I’ve learned to the next generation of bright, young C-K musicians.

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