40 Fun Things You Must do in the Spring Time!

Spring has sprung, and with it comes spring weather! There are tons of great things we can do outside. Here is a list of 25 awesome things you can do outside, by yourself, with your friends and family, or with someone you love. Get out there and have some fun!

1. Plant some roses.
2. Create a vegetable garden.
3. Go for a boat tour on the river.
4. Play a game of baseball.
5. Organize a softball game.
6. Take a long walk with someone you love.
7. Go kayaking.
8. Go to the beach.
9. Play volleyball with friends.
10. Go for a bike ride.
11. Take some jetskis out on the lake.
12. Go fishing!
13. Rent a speedboat.
14. Go swimming, either in the pool or at the beach.
15. Explore some local wooded trails.
16. Go bird watching & learn each chirp.
17. Get into running regularly.
18. Participate in a 5k or 10k. If you’re really motivated, run a marathon.
19. Go to a local park with the kids.
20. Have a picnic date with your spouse or significant other.
21. Read a book outside by the pool, or on the lawn.
22. Buy a hammock, and take a relaxing outdoor nap.
23. Landscape your front and back yards.
24. Teach your child to ride a bicycle.
25. Buy or rent a motorcycle, and take it for a spin.
26. Look for animal tracks in mud & identify the animal.
27. Look for a wild-growing fern.
28. Explore the ecosystem of a pond with a net & pail
30. Join in on the Butterfly Count with the North American Butterfly Association at
31. Start an herb garden.
32. Look for fossils on the beach.
33. Make a sand castle.
34. Carefully catch a firefly (or 2 or 3!) in a jar and watch it as it lights up.
35. Go jumping in mud puddles with the kids on a warm rainy day
36. Set up an outdoor theatre in your backyard with a bed sheet and a projector (& don’t forget the popcorn!)
37. Go camping in a tent.
38. Get involved with local efforts to save the environment and meet others who enjoy learning about nature.
39. Learn to identify Poison Ivy.
40. Make your own ant farm with a kit from a toy store.

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